“It was a great honour to be the first winner of the Award."
Roy Williams, winner 1997 and 2010
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ADITL ‘A Day in the Life’by Akpore Uzoh

ADITL ‘A Day in the Life’by Akpore Uzoh

“Guilty until proven innocent…right?”

Imagine all you hold dear.
Family, friends, your hopes and dreams, your liberty.
Now imagine it all ripped away in an instant.

A new one-man play by Akpore Uzoh, exploring injustice within the justice system through the lens of a young black man wrongfully arrested and the tumultuous journey that ensues following his subsequent conviction. A battle cry in the fight to give a voice to the voiceless.

Cast and creatives
Akpore Uzoh

Director Akpore Uzoh
Producer Caroline King – Gadekah / Akpore Uzoh (4orward Movement)
Movement Lanre Malaolu
Lighting and Sound Ami Gaskin, Georgia Graham, Benjamin Cook

US Tour
Berkeley Rep School of Theatre (SF) 11,17, 20-21, 27-28 January 2017
Hudson Theatre (LA) 7-8 March 2017
La MaMa Theatre (NYC) 14-15 April 2017

UK dates
Theatre 503, 19-20 July 2017
Camden Fringe Festival, 4-7 Aug 2017

Creative Fro

Audience –   Theatre 503


CPT Camden Fringe

https://vimeo.com/229783650 (part 1)
https://vimeo.com/229784769(part 2)
https://vimeo.com/229786230 (part 3)

US reviews


“Watching this play gave me chills. Stunningly performed. The new black British theatre archives being created” – Eshe Asante

“Magnificent. A deft portrayal highly charged with emotive, heart wrenching yet clinical acting. At times you forgot to draw breath.” – Kwame Asiedu

“The piece had an emotional drive of resounding political urgency. The journey of the character was heart-breaking yet frightening.” – Gbolahan Obisesan

“An artistic masterpiece.” – Michael Shah

“A truly moving story, beautifully and bravely told; an insight into how power is misused through feigned ignorance” – Rose D’Aulbey