“It was a great honour to be the first winner of the Award."
Roy Williams, winner 1997 and 2010
Supported by the Peggy Ramsay Foundation
Muscovado by Matilda Ibini

Muscovado by Matilda Ibini

Muscovado is set on a sugar plantation in Barbados in 1808, with a heady mix of sexual intrigue, piercing choral music and extreme racial tension.  Muscovado provides a snapshot at the heart of the Fairbranch family and their slaves, accompanied by an original musical score and atmospheric soundscape performed live.

Cast and Creatives

Directors Clemmie Reynolds, Sophie de Vries
Musical Director and Composer James Reynolds
Producers Clemmie Reynolds, Stephanie Shepherd
Assistant Producers Emma Chapman, Claudette Hodge, Alexandra Ziminsky
Designer Sophia Simensky
Costumes Juliet Leigh
Graphic Designer Olga Gromova


Alexander Kiffin
Damilola K Fashola
Sophia Mackay
Adam Morris
Clemmie Reynolds
James Reynolds

Theatre 503, 24th February – 8th March

Burn Out Theatre