Max Kolaru

Max Kolaru. Photo credit: Richard H Smith

Max said, “Being the Roland Rees Bursary Recipient has given an empowering lifeline to my playwriting. It’s given me the stamina and fortitude to continue writing in the face of rejection, over a long period; rejection which threatened to damage my creative spirit and passion. And put an end to my love of playwriting, for once and for all.

The Roland Rees Bursary has reinvigorated and empowered my zeal for playwriting. It is both inspirational and a catalyst that will fuel me to continue to write great plays, that nobody wants to stage! The Bursary also gives me the strength to know that the 17 full length plays and 13 short plays that I have written thus far, have not been written in vain, and will, in the fullness of time, find a home. Thank you Roland Rees and the Alfred Fagon Award, for giving me a place in the world of playwriting and theatre, when all of the doors to both, seem to be locked tight against my entry; for that I will be eternally grateful.”

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