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Sophia, funded by the Arts Council of England, is a film/theatre hybrid, filmed during last year’s lockdown when all theatres were closed on the number one stage at London’s legendary Arcola Theatre.  Funded by the Arts Council of England, the film looks at the life of Asian suffragette, Sophia Duleep Singh and the piece highlights her passionate fight for the rights of all women to vote.   Sophia was the daughter of the last Sikh maharaja Duleep Singh, whose empire, was virtually stolen, by the British with the kingdom’s renowned diamond, the Koh I Noor now part of the crown jewels.  Sophia ironically went on to become the goddaughter of Queen Victoria.  Instead of becoming embittered by the treatment of her father, Sophia went on in fact to fight for the voting rights of all women.  Sophia, was originally written as a podcast and is part of The Forgotten Women of History podcast series available on Spotify.  Subsequently adapted for the stage, Sophia highlights how far women have come and how important it is to guard these hard won freedoms. The film will be screened at India’s High Commission’s Nehru Centre on the 10th November.   There are also currently discussions for a mini cinema release.

Produced and Written by Detroit born Beverly Andrews

Directed by Abigail Pickard Price

Produced by Circles Productions

Trailer – Sophia trailer – YouTube

Film Screening Sophia Beverly Andrews Tickets, Thu 10 Nov 2022 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

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