Emma Dennis-Edwards

What are the themes of your play
BRICKS is the tale of one tower block.  It is a tale of community and social housing, a tale of what brings us together and what tears us apart and a cry of hope for a country still searching for the angels of its better nature.

Why did you write it and why now?
I felt nothing but horror and pain when I saw the Grenfell Fire unfolding.  This turned to anger when I witnessed the corruption and lies that have followed.  A huge part of that story is the West Kensington community who have showed bravery and resilience in their fight for justice, their activism inspired me to write this play.  I wanted to tell the story about the residents of West Kensington, but it felt that in order to do that I had to look at social housing in the UK in its entirety; its history and culture – through that BRICKS was born.

Which playwrights are you influenced by and why?
I’m a simple girl; I like a story, character and plot.  I think the following playwrights are the masters of this: Sabrina Mahfouz, Juliet Gilkes Romero, Temi Wilkey, Tarell Alvin McCarney and James Graham.

What do you want to achieve as a playwright?
A play of mine performed live…with a live audience?  In this strange Coronavirus times that’s all we can wish for eh?


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