“Guilty until proven innocent…right?”

Imagine all you hold dear.
Family, friends, your hopes and dreams, your liberty.
Now imagine it all ripped away in an instant.

A new one-man play by Akpore Uzoh, exploring injustice within the justice system through the lens of a young black man wrongfully arrested and the tumultuous journey that ensues following his subsequent conviction. A battle cry in the fight to give a voice to the voiceless.

Cast and creatives
Akpore Uzoh

Director Akpore Uzoh
Producer Caroline King – Gadekah / Akpore Uzoh (4orward Movement)
Movement Lanre Malaolu
Lighting and Sound Ami Gaskin, Georgia Graham, Benjamin Cook

US Tour
Berkeley Rep School of Theatre (SF) 11,17, 20-21, 27-28 January 2017
Hudson Theatre (LA) 7-8 March 2017
La MaMa Theatre (NYC) 14-15 April 2017

UK dates
Theatre 503, 19-20 July 2017
Camden Fringe Festival, 4-7 Aug 2017

Creative Fro

Audience –   Theatre 503


CPT Camden Fringe

https://vimeo.com/229783650 (part 1)
https://vimeo.com/229784769(part 2)
https://vimeo.com/229786230 (part 3)

US reviews


“Watching this play gave me chills. Stunningly performed. The new black British theatre archives being created” – Eshe Asante

“Magnificent. A deft portrayal highly charged with emotive, heart wrenching yet clinical acting. At times you forgot to draw breath.” – Kwame Asiedu

“The piece had an emotional drive of resounding political urgency. The journey of the character was heart-breaking yet frightening.” – Gbolahan Obisesan

“An artistic masterpiece.” – Michael Shah

“A truly moving story, beautifully and bravely told; an insight into how power is misused through feigned ignorance” – Rose D’Aulbey


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