The Good Doctor’s Son by Michael Abbensetts wins the Award

Speaking at the tenth anniversary of the Awards in 2006 Michael said “Of all the winners of the Alfred Fagon Award, I’m perhaps the oldest and I’m sure that I’m the fone who knew Alfred Fagon the best. As strange as it may seem, Alfred used to visit me quite often. He used to say to me ‘Mi-cal, sometime, the t’ree of us must do somet’ing special! Somet’ing really, really special.’ And I would say to him, ‘What three Alfred? There’s only you and me.’ And he would say to me with great seriousness: ‘You’re only one Mi-ca;. But I’m two people!’ Alfred was unique. And the Alfred Fagon Award is unique. And let’s not forget The Peggy Ramsay foundation who support the award. Thye’re pretty unique as well.””

Michael features in the National Theatre Black Plays Archive, BFI Screenonline
and The British Blacklist. Michael is a fellow of the Royal Literary Fund. Michael’s portrait is part of the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

Four Plays published by Oberon Books 

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