Ingrid Selberg and Tia-Renee Mullings

Tia-Renee Mullings. Photo credit: Sharron Wallace.

Congratulations to Tia-Renee Mullings who won with her play Little Angela Davis.

Tia-Renee said, “I’m so grateful to have been the recipient of the Mustapha Matura award and Mentoring programme this year! Not only has win been hugely encouraging as someone in the early stages of their playwriting journey, but it has already opened so many doors that I hadn’t even known were there. It’s an honour to have had my writing recognised in this way, and I’m incredibly excited to explore not only my craft, but the world of theatre, especially under the guidance of a mentor, an invaluable opportunity that I can’t wait to make use of.  This has truly been a defining moment, and I’m immensely motivated for the future.” 



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