Paula B. Stanic

Paula B. Stanic. Photo credit: Sharron Wallace

Paula said, “This bursary means a lot for a few different reasons. Winning the Alfred Fagon Award in 2008 started my career writing for theatre and this feels like there’s continued belief in what I’m doing. It gives me the support and time to work on a couple of ideas I really want to write, which is just invaluable. Also, I had the opportunity to have a couple of long conversations with Roland Rees about theatre and I’ve always remembered them. He was a truly committed theatre artist. His single sentence to me after the reading of my AFA play showed he completely got what I was trying to do. So in addition to the time, space and belief this gives me to push on in a medium I love, it’s great to be the recipient of a bursary that has the name of someone I respected. Thank you to the Roland Rees Estate & Trustees and Alfred Fagon Award.”

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